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Chat Sauvage Rosa Chardonnay - Chat Sauvage, 0....
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Das Weingut Chat Sauvage steht für die Herstellung und Produktion hochwertiger Pinot Noir und Chardonnay Weine. Es wird auf eine traditionelle Weinbereitung in französischen Eichenholzfässern gesetzt. Die Lagen erstrecken sich insgesamt über sechs Gemarkungen imRheingau. Vom tiefgründigen Löss und steinigem Lößlehm aus dem Winkler Dachsberg, bis nach Lorch, wo im Schlossberg in Steillagen auf steinigen, wärmespeichernden Schieferböden reifen unsere Trauben heran.

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Table Manners: The Physics-Based Dating Game - ...
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"This is probably one of the best physics-based games I've played in forever! It's absolutely amazing and I love everything about it"Drae - Content Creator"...Absolutely Hilarious!"CaptainSauce - Content CreatorNice job, it's official - you're a catch: you’ve bagged yourself a date. A night of romance is yours to enjoy, if you play your cards right.You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. You’ve booked the fanciest restaurant in town, put on your cleanest underwear, and your date looks totally unreal. But getting to the table is the easy part. Even the most perfect of evenings can quickly fall apart as you fight against Table Manner’s glorious physics. Before you know it, you’ll be putting out your third table fire with a half-finished glass of pinot grigio.From humble restaurants to sushi bars, ice bars and even a plane - each venue contains a number of unique gameplay mechanics and challenges that you must navigate in order to impress your date. As your reputation grows you will unlock more and more potential dates with even more sophisticated challenges and dating scenarios.Restaurants for every flavour:Dine in a number of restaurants; from fast-paced sushi bars to rockin' boats and slidin' ice bars, the skies the limit when it comes to the scope of dating-based objectives! Wait, what do you mean there's a zero gravity restaurant?!Hands-on Customisation:Want in-depth customisation to be a six feet tall athlete, have a six pack, make six figures and have at least six inc- NO! You're a disembodied hand and you can customise yourself with an assortment of nails, accessories and tattoos. Life's dealt you a bad hand, and you're the hand.Realistic* App-Dating System:It's time to move on from Pam. Table Manners allows you to chat, joke and flirt your way to dinner table with anyone you desire, just treat them right - if you can't handle them at their worst you don't deserve them at their best.*We took liberties to ensure you actually get matches in this one, honest!**Your matches in Table Manners are actually soulless computers - just like real life! Expect these ones aren't after your credit card details.Calamitous Chaos:The most perfect date can quickly become disastrous as Table Manners' physics collide and a domino effect takes place before your very eyes. Never before has lighting a candle for romance been so fraught with danger.

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