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The Only Way Is Essex - Series 4
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We’re back in Essex for a fourth series and there have been some changes. Golden couple “Arg” and Lydia have hit the rocks yet again but this time is it for good? And there’s trouble in store for Mario and Lucy, when she uncovers a secret he’s been hiding. And amongst the drama, there are some new faces… To help Joey Essex on his quest for a real ‘sort’ is his wingman Diags. First to catch Joey’s eye is sexy property developer Georgina but will his legendary chat and unique dates be enough to win her over? There’s the arrival of Cara’s brother Tom, will he put her friendship with best mate Billi to the test? Then there’s Lydia’s childhood friend Ricky, who causes a real stir amongst the Essex girls, but can he handle them? He’s definitely going to try… Elsewhere in Essex, the rivalry between Lauren G and Jess has come to a head. Chloe supports Lauren P through her breast implant scare and Gemma is still on her quest for love but this time will she get her happy ending? Series 4: where else would you get dogs in prams, boys in onesies and Nanny Pat on a tandem? The Only Way really is Essex.

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