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Billaudot Philippe Leroux - Impressions D´enfan...
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Ces cinq pièces évoquent dans l’ordre chronologique :• un canon qui ne s’interrompt que dans les profondeurs, comme cette eau de la fontaine qui tombe en cascade d’une vasque à l’autre, semblant ne jamais s’arrêter ;• l’obstination d’un enfant qui paraît en colère, mais rit intérieurement car il a décidé de ne pas mettre le vêtement détesté ;• un chat marchant à pas de velours sur le piano, et qui d’un coup saute sur l’épaule de l’enfant étonné ;• l’esprit traversé d’émotions diverses, qui même au sein de ce bouleversement parvient à distinguer le cœur battant de la personne aimée ;• enfin, quelques secrets cachés sous un manteau de sons et de notes, se révélant lentement à chaque fois qu’un doigt en enlève un fragment sonore.

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The Wife´s Revenge: Submissive Mistress, Book 4...
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Suzi, a submissive wife, almost lost her husband to his mistress, Emma. A lot had happened since then. She had won him back by agreeing to undergo submission training, discovering in the process that she loved being sexually subservient. Damion had even arranged for a threesome with Emma, where she was able to explore her dominant side and get rid of some of her negative feelings. But it wasn´t enough; she needed revenge. The opportunity came when Damion went away for the week. Suzi dug out the mobile number she had kept safe for months and invited Emma for a chat. Once she had her, she wasn´t going to let her go until she felt completely satisfied. Emma was in for the ride of her life. Extract: Emma looked at Suzi and read her intent clearly in her eyes. The one time they had met before, Emma was completely at the older woman´s mercy, serving her as a true submissive to her mistress. That was engineered by their master, Damion though. This was something different. Suzi, of course, was herself a submissive, but she had plenty of recent experience in playing the mistress under her husband´s guidance. Suzi reached across and stroked the younger woman´s downy cheek, drawing her in for a passionate kiss. ´´You´re a very good looking woman, Emma,´´ she said. ´´Very much like I always wished to look myself.´´ Emma looked away and began to blush. ´´I want to see your lovely body again,´´ Suzi added forcefully. ´´Undress for me.´´ Emma now found herself in a quandary. Normally a confident, assertive woman, she was only really submissive for Damion. Here though was Damion´s wife, who she knew had plenty of reasons to despise her, and as soon as she took her clothes off, she would be completely helpless and effectively placing herself in this woman´s mercy. Is this what Damion wanted? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kitty Velour. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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