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In Bed with Susie Bright 470: Why Do the 'Black...
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With the Academy Awards just around the corner, Susie looks at what has prompted some heated debates over the sex scenes in one of the nominated movies: Black Swan. Watching Natalie Portman masturbate and orgasm from cunnilingus was hot to watch, but for some women, it caused a stir about the best way to get off. Susie says as long as you come, why criticize the method? Well, not so, say some, as they defend their own "special" and "right way" to engage in sex. This kind of righteousness has Susie more than steamed; she's sick and tired of this kind of oppression. "Don't tell me how to do it! Let my vulva go!" Next, in our ongoing "Tell me your Sex Story" segment, Susie gets into her sexual confession booth with yet another willing listener. This week "Alex", a transgender queer, talks about life as a 28-year-old trans-man. Susie and Alex discuss what qualifications define someone as a lecherous, insatiable sex pervert. "Is that me?" They chat about butch dykes, shemales, homophobia, and what's the best Xtube video. Then, in our "Try This at Home" mailbag, Susie gets a letter from a young college-age listener who has a problem. She's cheating like crazy and doesn't know how long she can keep both of her boyfriends going without one of them finding out about her two-timing romantic ways. Have a question? You can call Susie's hotline at 831-480-5110. And you can send your confidential questions - plus requests for free samples and blog banners! - to [Episode 470, February 25, 2011] Explicit Language Warning: You must be 18 years or older to purchase this program. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Susie Bright. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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