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Sung Kim: Afternoon Chat
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Sung Kim: Afternoon Chat 1500 Teile Puzzle Art Puzzle

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The Broken Man , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 569min
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Sometimes a damaged child becomes a broken man.... It’s 1954 and Adam Carter is 12 years old, an only child with no friends nor any self-confidence. His father Edward is a bully of a man. A successful and ruthless businessman, he breeds fear into the heart of his family. Adam’s mother Peggy is too cowed to protect her son, so Adam’s only support comes in the shape of Jake Wallis, the school bus driver. One particular afternoon, when Adam is his last drop of the day, Jake decides to accompany him along the darkening wood land to his house, never suspecting that as they chat innocently, in the house at the end of the track a terrible tragedy is unfolding which will change Adam’s life forever. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Carole Boyd. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 22.11.2017
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The Little Black Songbook
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ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST / Queen|BACK CHAT|Bicycle Race / Queen|BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY / Queen|BREAKTHRU|BRIGHTON ROCK / Queen|Bring back that Leroy Brown|CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE / Queen|DEATH ON TWO LEGS / Queen|DON´T STOP ME NOW|Dragon Attack|Dreamer´s ball|Fat bottomed girls / Queen|FLASH|Flick of the wrist|Friends Will Be Friends / Queen|GET DOWN MAKE LOVE|GOOD COMPANY|Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy / Queen|Hammer to fall|HEADLONG|HEAVEN FOR EVERYONE|I WANT IT ALL|I want to break free / Queen|I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU|I´M GOING SLIGHTLY MAD|I´M IN LOVE WITH MY CAR|IN THE LAP OF THE GODS|INNUENDO|THE INVISIBLE MAN|IS THIS THE WORLD WE CREATED|It´s a hard life|IT´S LATE|Keep passing the open windows|KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE|Killer Queen / Queen|A Kind Of Magic|LAS PALABRAS DE AMOR|Lazing on a sunday afternoon / Queen|LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU|LIAR|LILY OF THE VALLEY|Long Away|LOVE OF MY LIFE|The March Of The Black Queen|The Millionaire Waltz|The Miracle|MOTHER LOVE|Mustapha|My Fairy King|NO ONE BUT YOU (ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG)|Now I´m Here|OGRE BATTLE|One Vision / Queen|Play The Game / Queen|Princess of the Universe|RADIO GA GA / Queen|SAVE ME|Seaside rendezvous|Seven Seas Of Rhye / Queen|SHEER HEART ATTACK|THE SHOW MUST GO ON / Queen|SOMEBODY TO LOVE|Son And Daughter|SPREAD YOUR WINGS|STAYING POWER|STONE COLD CRAZY|TEAR IT UP|Tenement funster|THESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES|39|Tie Your Mother Down / Queen|Too Much Love Will Kill You / Queen|UNDER PRESSURE / Queen|WAS IT ALL WORTH IT|WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS / Queen|WE WILL ROCK YOU / Queen|White Queen (As It Began)|Who Wants To Live Forever / Queen|You Take My Breath Away|YOU´RE MY BEST FRIEND

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Witchs Street - Girl Online
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A page-turning debut written in the tradition of R.L. Stines Fear Street, Goosebumps or Haunting Hour. In the town of Riverville, there is a street. It was a street where they used to hang witches. It is a street where students from school are known to have vanished without a trace, even till today. It is a street where strange things happen to people. It is called Fox Street. But kids at school call it by another name. The Witchs Street. Chris had just moved in with his mom, into Fox Street a.k.a. The Witchs Street. One evening he wakes up in his bedroom, realizing that he had been chatting with a girl online, one he had never met before.He had no recollection of how he had ended up chatting with her. And in school, the kids tease him, saying that his house is haunted. Strange things start happening to Chris and he is getting to the bottom of it. Before its too late. Free Chapter- Chris yawned. He was talking to strangers from all over the world. None interested him. Chris closed his eyelids for a while but when he opened them again, he was shocked. I must have fallen asleep!!!! Chris looking at the time. It was half-past-one in the morning. Chris stared at his screen, surprisingly. It was widescreen. He saw his only chat room nick and a second nick. Was I talking to someone??? Chris was puzzled. He didnt remember talking to someone. He stared at the screen again. From what he could see, it seemed that he and this other individual had been chatting. In private. Red Rose says: What a coincidence. You live in Riverville too. Too bad I dont go to Riverville High Walking Zombie says: Yeah too bad. Hey how about we meet up! Walking Zombie was Chriss nick. Chris read on. Red Rose says: When and where? Their last conversation ended about ten minutes ago. I hope she is still online!!!!, Chris thought. Ever since he moved to Riverville, he hadnt made much friends as he didnt really click it with anyone. He was also pretty sure that he was talking to a she, as what male would ever call himself a rose. Chris typed again to the screen. Walking Zombie says: Are you still there? He hoped she was still online. He wanted someone to really hang out with. After a minute, he had a reply. Red Rose says: Yes Im still here. Afraid that I chased you off Chris smiled, typing more words online. Walking Zombie says: No you didnt. I had to go downstairs for a while to see if someone was out there. Turned out to be no one He then saw her response. Red Rose says: So you wanna meet up tomorrow? He smiled, typing more words. Walking Zombie says: Yes sure. Where and when? He waited with uncontrolled excitement until she responded. Red Rose says: How about Riverville Mall. At the top floor. In front of that empty shop thats being renovated. Lets say four in the afternoon. Chris smiled. He may not remembered how he ended up chatting with this girl but he was glad that he did, although he didnt even expect that something like this would happen.

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